For thousands of years, humans have used foods found in nature to provide healthy nutrition for themselves and to harness the healing properties of these unique foods. This wisdom was passed down, generation to generation, forming part of the culture and oral history unique to the people of each geographic region of our Earth. These traditions and sacred recipes became an expression of love and nurturing within the family and the community.

As advances in technology began to appear throughout history, these natural, organic foods of our ancestors were lost to most of us. Farmers Way is proud to be a part of the re-discovery of these superfoods. Our products are the end result of the hard work and highest standards of a dedicated team of people whose mission in life is to find the very best and healthiest foods from around the world and to bring them home to our families and to yours. We are proud to bring these premium foods directly from the source to your table.

Each Farmers Way product is grown, harvested and packaged with the greatest respect and attention to detail. From our premium ingredients to the design of our packaging, Farmers Way is committed to honoring our ancestors and to expressing our core values of:






Our philosophy is to explore the world and select the best ingredients available in nature in order to produce innovative, healthy and delicious products for our consumers. To do this, we work directly with farmers in several countries, many of them farming families with generations of experience in growing and harvesting these unique crops. These farming families are an integral part of our larger Farmers Way family. Like us, they are proud to be a part of honoring nature and bringing her superior bounty to you.


In order to make our products even more nutritional, we also have a strategic alliance with a global leader in the supply of shelf-stable probiotics that allows us to develop innovative food products to satisfy the growing demand from consumers who care deeply about their health.